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A selection of national press, magazines, and podcasts where Integral Wellness and Director, Natalie Louise Burrows have been featured.

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i Newspaper Online

How the experts do intermittent fasting


Kelly Clarkson Credits Recent Weight Loss with These 5 Things


Drinking Dark Tea May Help Control Blood Sugar, Reduce Your Diabetes Risk


Starbucks Fall Drinks: Nutritionists Share How to Make Every Drink Healthier

BBC Radio London

Is coffee good for us and our blood sugars or not?


Nutritionists Break Down Starbucks’ New Seasonal Drinks and How to Make Them Healthier


Viv and Natalie discuss the warning signs of poor metabolic health and the impact of the food industry.

David and Natalie chat about all things about gut health and the link to our brain and wider health.

Natalie discusses three steps to improving your life, health and happiness while climbing the career ladder.

Natalie talks candidly about her journey with mental health, medication, and becoming a Nutritionist.