“It is health that is real wealth,
not pieces of gold or silver”- Ghandi

1-1 Nutrition Online Support

Prioritise your long-term health with our personalised, long-term support

Health rarely changes in a matter of days or weeks but making small changes over time adds up and doesn’t feel overwhelming to maintain.
Our approach is based on proven, achievable, realistic steps that fit into your life and help you to form healthy habits for long-term results.
Are you ready to reclaim your energy, control your cravings and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes?

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Your energy feels low and like you’re walking through treacle each day.
  • You go to sleep at night but wake in the morning just as tired and you’re beginning to feel old before your time.
  • You want to lose weight, but every diet you’ve tried just doesn’t seem to work, and somehow your weight always seems to come back.
  • You want to control those pesky cravings, but right now you need that afternoon sugar fix and it feels like they’re controlling you.
  • You’ve been told by your doctor that you need medication but you’d prefer to avoid it – maybe you’ve had a diagnosis you want to address.
  • You’re worried about your future health if this is how you feel now and you’ve seen loved ones go through struggles you don’t want to repeat.
  • You’re stuck and don’t know where to turn next and all you see is conflicting information everywhere – it’s overwhelming!
  • You‘re ready to make changes but you don’t want to feel restricted.

What if you could feel different and be…

  • Able to make new positive habits and leave old ones in the past.
  • Energised and ready to get out of bed in the morning.
  • In control of your food choices and cravings – so you can wave goodbye to the snack cupboard.
  • Fad diet-free for the rest of your life as you finally learn what foods are right for you.
  • Able to avoid medication and turn your health around.
  • Completely clear on what’s happening in your body and how best to take care of you.
It’s 100% possible if you’re ready for change - and if you are you will thrive!

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Here’s what some of our clients have said
about their transformations.

Nigel Jackson
“Natalie is very knowledgeable, patient and caring. With her help I've changed what I eat, lost 9.5kg, and reduced my HbA1c from 47 to 41 within 4-6 months, so no longer pre-diabetic!

Yes, it's much easier to ignore the problem and keep eating rubbish, and much cheaper to not bother. But faced with developing type 2 diabetes and coupled with the potential problems that could bring, for me it was definitely the right decision. I can't recommend Natalie highly enough help on this journey.“
Lynne Healy
“Working with Krista has been the best investment in myself I have ever made. I have completely changed my relationship with food and I have broken my addiction to sugar. Krista's gentle, knowledgeable, non-judgemental support and encouragement have made it all so easy.

I was ready for change but am still astounded that so much changed for me so quickly. I lost 2 stone without feeling hungry or deprived. There have been no rules, no forbidden foods, just simple explanations about the impact different foods have on my body, with suggestions for more beneficial alternatives and then it was my choice. I know that I have made these changes for life and am so happy that I am finally respecting and honouring the body that I have taken for granted and not looked after properly for far too long. Thank you so much, Krista and Integral Wellness.“
Suzette Simon
“Just wanted to share my personal journey and how far I have come with Natalie’s help, guidance and advice. Most importantly she listens! When I met up with Natalie last year I felt sluggish. My diet was poor and Natalie requested blood tests via the GP due to some of my symptoms. The tests identified I had high cholesterol and I was pre-diabetic - not going to lie this worried me.

With Natalie’s help and encouragement, we both worked hard towards getting my diabetes and cholesterol markers down. I changed my diet and outlook on food, introduced walking every day and started to drink more water. Today, less than 9 months from the results, I’m no longer pre-diabetic and have lost just under a stone in weight.

I feel fantastic!! “
Emily Louise
“ I can’t recommend Holly enough. I went to her feeling quite low energy and just generally feeling like there was so much more I could do to take care of myself. She really took the time to ask me lots of questions and tailor a personal plan for me.

The way she explained things was so insightful and easy to understand, to then know how to mindfully put all the advice into practice day to day. I felt such a change in my energy levels and my skin was a lot clearer very soon after my appointment, and just generally felt so much better in myself. I’d recommend Holly to anyone. “
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What happens next?


Book your complimentary call

Take advantage of a free 20-minute call without any obligations. It’s an opportunity for you to meet your nutritional therapist and for them to gain a deeper understanding of your health concerns and aspirations. Feel free to ask any questions you may have during this call. Your therapist will explain and outline the most suitable support for you.


Your first 75-minute appointment

Prior to your online appointment, you will complete a health and nutrition form. This will cover your goals, health history, recent tests, and current food and lifestyle. Your practitioner will assess this information and consider realistic changes you can make to effectively achieve your goals. Interested in science? We can share the why behind your recommendations.


Support for you throughout

We understand that accountability and overcoming challenges can be key factors in achieving long-term changes. That’s why our programmes support you throughout. You’ll have dedicated time to connect with your nutritional therapist, discuss your progress, and address any difficulties you may be facing – including a messaging function for between sessions.

Our personalised programmes can take you from surviving to thriving.

What’s included in 1-1 online nutrition support:
  • Nutrition education and health coaching to support positive changes
  • A thorough food diary analysis, including drinks and lifestyle
  • Medical History and Health Questionnaire to gain a full understanding of you and your symptoms
  • A personalised nutrition plan bespoke to your needs and goals
  • Advice on suitable exercise and lifestyle options
  • Regular appointments to review your progress and provide accountability for the positive changes you’ll be making
  • Tests recommendations and interpretation to support your progress
  • 10% discount on appropriate and carefully selected supplements
  • Resources, recipes and additional support
  • Access to the Better App so you have your plans, documents, test results and recipes in your pocket
  • Ability to log your food and mood for review and feedback between appointments
  • Review of medications and possible nutrient depletion


On the free call, we’ll discuss your goals and which programme is most suitable for you.

You will be redirected to our Practice Better calendar.

Choosing the level of support that's right for you

On your complimentary call, we will discuss what programme is the right one to get you to your health goals.


Transformation Nutrition

Work with Natalie or one of her team for a minimum of three months. Begin with a detailed 75-minute initial consultation and continue your support by meeting weekly for the first 6 weeks and fortnightly thereafter.


Essential Nutrition

With your chosen nutritional therapist, you’ll have a thorough 75-minute initial consultation and schedule your follow-up sessions every 2 weeks to continue to support your progress and develop your plan of action.


Optimal Nutrition

Take your time, if that’s what’s needed, and have the support of Natalie or another Integral Wellness nutritionist for six months. With a 75-minute consultation and sessions every 2-3 weeks, this is ideal if a complex health scenario is being addressed.

Your time with your therapist ends when you want it to. Many of our clients begin on a programme and either repeat it or continue with ad-hoc appointments to keep their results and good habits going.
John Lowe
“I found the services of Integral Wellness online and couldn't be more delighted. I wanted nutritional help in order to better manage my Type 2 Diabetes after a set of disappointing results. Pleased to say that the help, assistance and advice received have changed things dramatically for me! The results are exceptional! My diet is incredible! I am losing weight! Life is good! I would highly recommend it!!“
Niquita Patel
“Krista was an amazing help with my Nutritional Journey. The reason I decided to get a nutritionist was to help me have a better understanding of what foods helped me mainly towards my weight loss, but also helped me keep my blood sugar levels balanced. She gave me lots of helpful tips that I have implemented into my path to a better understanding of food and exercise. I suffer from PCOS so I felt this was a crucial step for me to take in order to better understand and help manage my PCOS symptoms. Couldn't recommend enough!!“
Claire Windsor
"My experience with Natalie was very positive and encouraging. She was able to analyse blood results and gave me expert advice on which supplements I need to optimise my health. Practical tips on increasing my protein intake, meal planning and batch cooking were very helpful. The results of all her help have left me with higher energy levels, clearer skin, brighter mood and a welcome side effect of weight loss! Natalie is warm, friendly and very knowledgable. I really enjoyed my sessions with her and would highly recommend Integral Wellness.
Thanks again Natalie!"
Jan Byne
"I have been working with Krista for four months now and the changes she has helped me make have been amazing. With her advice and guidance my psoriasis has almost vanished and I've gone from being almost pre diabetic to dropping 7 points and being in the normal range. I could not have done this without her and I'm looking forward to seeing my health improve even more in the next two months."
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Nutrition Programmes FAQS

No. The food we eat determines how our bodies function. If we don’t have a good nutritional diet, we compromise our ability to live a full and healthy life.

There is no one size fits all approach but eating less than the body uses is a scientifically backed approach. Lead with protein and vegetables and ensure your gut health, hormone function and nutrient balance are optimal.

Slimming World has helped people lose weight in the short term but removing fat from the diet is not advisable. Fat is required by the body for many purposes one including the production of sex hormones. Healthy fats are also beneficial for the brain, skin, joints and immune system.

Weight loss programs that are not sustainable beyond the program are unsuccessful. They may work in the short term but if eating habits aren’t adjusted for life as part of the program it is a short term fix. Our clients work on improving their relationship with food, understanding how to eat well for weight loss and their individual health.

Weight loss programs that are not sustainable beyond the program are unsuccessful. They may work in the short term but if eating habits aren’t adjusted for life as part of the program it is a short term fix. Our clients work on improving their relationship with food, understanding how to eat well for weight loss and their individual health.

The food we eat determines how our bodies function. If we don’t have a good nutrition, we compromise our ability to live a full and healthy life.

Are you ready to change?

Take the opportunity to have a free call with us and find out just how we can help you change your health and achieve your goals.