Natalie Louise Burrows

Clinic Director, Registered Nutritional Therapist & Functional Medicine Health Coach mBANT rCNHC FMCHC

Natalie’s interest in nutrition began while working in a demanding corporate environment, where she experienced the impact lack of sleep, stress and reliance on sugar, caffeine and alcohol have on how you feel and function.

Natalie began struggling with daily bloating, frequent headaches, constant nausea, severe PMS, fluctuating weight and low energy.

At the same time, rates of disease were on the rise. The connection between processed food, intense lifestyle, and declining health was undeniable – she was living it.

With a family history of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, Natalie was conscious this could become her story too. It set her on a path to investing in her health, seeing a Nutritional Therapist and retraining to be one.

Now, she specialises in helping clients understand food so they can lose weight for the last time, reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes and regain their energy in a realistic, manageable way. She prides herself on being client-focused, listening to how you feel and supporting you every step of the way. Health is true wealth and if we don’t take the time to look after our health now, we will be forced to in the future.

“You deserve to be confident in your body and in control of your health. After all, if we don’t look after our body, where will we live?” – Natalie

Health interests

Natalie’s specific area of interest is in metabolic and cardiovascular health, including type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack recovery and weight loss. Natalie also has a keen interest in fatigue and stress management. She also works with businesses to enhance their wellbeing in the workplace.

Life joy’s

Natalie is a passionate advocate for regenerative farming and an ultra-processed food fighter. As a military wife and stepmother, she finds joy in hiking in Scotland with the family, strength training, swimming, yoga and eating in tune with nature so she can live life to the fullest.

Press features

Natalie’s name frequently appears in magazine articles and the national press, and she speaks on the radio and as a guest on podcasts. Natalie has been accepted to complete a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine at Worchester University, and she is taking on this challenge as a proud dyslexic and neurodiversity advocate #MadeByDyslexia


" Working with Natalie was a simple and rewarding experience. Natalie was easy to talk to and explained everything so it was easy to understand and gave reasoning to her approach. Having been a type 2 diabetic for nearly 20 years I have learnt more in 4 months from Natalie than from the NHS in the last 20 years. I have lost almost a stone in weight and am well on my way to reversing my diabetes all thanks to Natalie and her help and support. "
" From the beginning Natalie has supported advised and listened to all my needs. After suffering for over 20 years with fatigue, bloating and hormone imbalances and having no specific help from a number of GP surgeries. Natalie analysed my blood results so we could see exactly how my body was responding to the diet and nutrients from the food. I am now living a life with a huge increase in energy and vitality. I now look at food and nutrition is such a different way and seek out the foods that will nourish and sustain me. I can't recommend Integral Wellness highly enough I am now going to be signing up for a maintenance programme as I no longer feel my need is chronic as it was in the very beginning. Thanks Natalie and the Integral Wellness Team you have changed my life and I can't thank you enough! "
Sam Britton
" After having a very bad experience with the NHS Healthier You programme (referred to by my GP - it's intended to help people who are pre-diabetic to not develop type 2 diabetes - the setup was poor, support non-existent and it certainly didn't work for me), I saw my blood sugar level increase again during this time. I signed up with Natalie as I needed real advice and help about foods, what to eat, what to avoid and why etc - and I needed to be able to talk to a human being about it all, not just read information for myself (which was still confusing) and communicate through text. Natalie is very knowledgeable, patient (good job!!) and contactable most times for advice and actually talks to you through the programme! With her help I've changed what I eat (almost 100%, but still relapse occasionally!), lost 9.5kg in the first 10-12 weeks, and reduced my HbA1c from 47 to 41 within 4-6 months, so no longer pre-diabetic - hopefully the next blood test will show another drop! Yes, it's much easier to ignore the problem, keep eating rubbish, and much cheaper to not bother. But faced with developing type 2 diabetes and coupled with the potential problems that could bring, for me it was definitely the right decision to sign up. I can't recommend Natalie highly enough to help on this journey. "
" My experience with Natalie was very positive and encouraging. She was able to analyse blood results and gave me expert advice on which supplements I need to optimise my health. Practical tips on increasing my protein intake, meal planning and batch cooking were very helpful. The results of all her help have left me with higher energy levels, clearer skin, brighter mood and a welcome side effect of weight loss! Natalie is warm, friendly and very knowledgable. I really enjoyed my sessions with her and would highly recommend Integral Wellness. Thanks again Natalie! "
Claire Windsor

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