Holly Rothschild

Registered Nutritional Therapist mBANT rCNHC

Having been through her own health issues, Holly understands how helpless and worn down we can be by the lack of a diagnosis and ‘normal’ blood tests that tell us we should be fine when we feel anything but.

In her 20’s, Holly was living the London life, working hard and playing hard. It felt like life was there for the taking; she certainly wasn’t very good at giving back to her body and didn’t care to listen to signs of distress.

Fast forward through recurrent infections and debilitating pain that radiated from her thumbs up her arms, Holly decided to see a Nutritional Therapist who showed her how food and lifestyle changes could allow her to regain her health.

Due to Holly’s own experience, she values time with her clients and supporting those who are ready to take back control and make changes. Seeing clients regain their energy, zest and life back, drives Holly every day to investigate the root cause of people’s health concerns so they finally feel heard.

“To be the best version of ourselves we have to prioritise our own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It can feel daunting but every journey starts with the first step.” – Holly

Health interests

Holly’s specialist areas of interest include metabolic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). As well as digestive niggles, including reflux & bloating, fatigue & burnout, thyroid health and sleep issues. She also enjoys supporting women through perimenopause to obtain metabolic flexibility.

Holly has a deep personal understanding of the challenges faced by neurodivergent families and is passionate about supporting parents in prioritising their self-care.


Life’s joys

With a couple of “tweenagers” at home, life is pretty hectic, but Holly is at her happiest when she spends time with her family and friends. She loves walking in the peace of the North Downs with her dog, taking an early morning cold-water plunge, and swinging in the hammock with the music on or with a good book.


Additional studies

Holly is currently combining her passion for psychology with her nutritional therapy practice. She is training to become a certified practitioner in archetypal theory and a coach accredited by the IACTM.

This practice is underpinned by recognising that we each have a unique perception of the world, which influences our behaviour, emotions and belief systems. The way we experience the world can be the very thing that keeps us stuck, repeating unhelpful behaviours and experiencing heightened emotions. Over time these can manifest as illness and symptoms in the body. Behaviours don’t change simply by saying, they change by challenging the underlying belief systems that influence them.


" Holly is excellent. I'm impressed with the level of science included in this process. I was fearful of a generalised programme but it was entirely focused on my body and how it functions. I found it fascinating and I'm very grateful for the knowledge it has given me. I wish I'd done it years ago. "
" Holly was absolutely amazing and is a credit to Integral Wellness - her knowledge and kindness makes the whole journey most enjoyable and helped me achieve results - thank you Holly. "
" I can’t recommend Holly enough. I went to her feeling quite low energy and just generally feeling like there was so much more I could do to take care of myself. She really took the time to ask me lots of questions and tailor a personal plan to me. The way she explained things was so insightful and easy to understand, to then know how to mindfully put all the advice into practice day to day. I felt such a change in my energy levels and my skin was a lot clearer very soon after my appointment, and just generally felt so much better in myself. I’d recommend Holly to anyone. "
" I was initially wary about signing up but soon discovered that this was a genuine one-to-one experience with a holistic approach that revolved and evolved around my specific situation. My experience far exceeded my expectations. "

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