What are the benefits of Corporate Wellness?

If employers want to prioritise healthier lifestyles for their employees, then it’s certainly advisable to promote wellness and offer such programs to their employees. There are readily available programmes which offer support in the workplace by covering a wide range of health problems – both mental and physical. 

Employers can choose to incorporate wellness strategies through in-house teams or outsource other programmes. Either way, the value of corporate wellness is immeasurable. 

Below, we’ll briefly answer the question: “What are the benefits of corporate wellness?”


Decreased financial outgoings and increased profits

Some employers may initially be reluctant to prioritise and invest in employee wellness because of the extra costs. However, it is a worthwhile investment that will reduce financial outgoings in the long run. This is because it prevents issues such as the price of frequent medical appointments, stress leave, and sick leave overall. Furthermore, if employees feel happy and supported, they will always have a good word to say about the company, promoting the brand’s reputation and potentially creating more popularity and profits.


Studies have shown that companies who prioritise corporate wellness produce a higher stock rate because employees feel contented and, therefore, are also more productive. Work with a company like us and you can outsource your corporate wellness program, so things like nutrition support and Vitamin D checks are taken care of.



Staff recruitment and retention

Persuading potential employees during the recruitment process sometimes requires additional benefits alongside an annual wage. A few examples of these perks can be flexible working hours, gym memberships, vouchers, and of course, supportive wellness schemes! Undoubtedly, when people feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to remain loyal to the company. This creates an increased statistic of employee retention and makes people more likely to want to join and belong to the team.



Increased morale

Speaking of teamwork and comradery, it’s undeniable that happier people create a happier workplace. This boosts morale amongst staff and has a domino effect across the whole company – customers included. Providing an enjoyable environment through encouraging corporate wellness not only guarantees the smooth running of a company but also promotes positive relationships between the staff. Interestingly, there is evidence that wellness programmes reduce corporate bullying because there is higher job satisfaction and respect for management.



Legal protection

Under the UK equality act of 2010, employers have a responsibility to take care of their staff. If someone is struggling with mental or physical illness, employers must prove that they have facilitated this if an unfair dismissal case is made. Therefore, investing in a wellness programme can provide protection for employers by showing that they have fulfilled their duty of care.



Improved public health

It’s a no-brainer that promoting corporate health extends to an improvement in the health of the general population. Being aware and enthusiastic about health is essential to the reduction of health issues. Reports show that corporate wellness programmes help to prevent unhealthy diets, addiction, and life-threatening illnesses. Not only is this vital for individuals, but it also lowers the strain on our cherished NHS.



It’s clear that every company should promote wellness because the long-term benefits are evident. Indeed, the importance of physical and mental health is fathomable and priceless.