"To keep the body in good health is a duty" - Buddha

One-off Wellness Check

This is for you if you are proactive with your health but you know you could be feeling better.

When you can’t quite put your finger on what it is and you’re tired of researching but you know you could feel better and you just want answers.

Wellness Checks are designed to provide you with an expert assessment of your health issues, alongside food and lifestyle choices.

If you need direction rather than long-term accountability then our one-off Wellness checks can offer you a plan of action to achieve your goal.

Does this sound like you?

  • Your issues don’t feel necessary for a GP appointment – or to fight for one in the first place.
  • You’ve always thought of yourself as healthy but these niggling issues are getting frustrating.
  • You want peace of mind that you are doing all the right things for your health.
  • You’ve been to the GP and they say you’re ‘fine’ but you know something’s not quite as it should be.
  • You’re proactive with your health you just need some direction.

If this sounds familiar, then a Wellness Check is for you.

A personalised nutrition support option to get the answers you need so you can take action.

“My GP tells me my blood test results are normal but I know
something’s not right.”

If you’ve been told that your test results are “normal”, yet you feel anything but, then let’s dive deeper with a Wellness Check and get you some answers.

In fact, GP blood tests might not have uncovered what the problem actually is.
And that’s because the NHS budget limits how many health markers they can test you for, which leaves an incomplete picture and a lack of answers.
At Integral Wellness, we use the most evidence-based, comprehensive health tests to get answers for you. We don’t guess; we assess, test and discover.
Combined with your health history and current symptoms, tests can complete the picture and uncover why you feel the way you do and how you can start feeling your best again.
Testing can also provide a benchmark to measure your future progress and be a proactive way to check that your health is on track.

Interested in getting an expert opinion on your test results or carrying out private testing?

Popular tests with our clients

GI Effects Stool Test

by Genova Diagnostics

Metabolomix + Omega 3:6

By Genova Diagnostics

Other specialist labs we work with

How different could you feel if you had answers?

Wellness Checks include:
  • A full health assessment and food diary review
  • A 60-minute online consultation
  • Personalised nutrition and a lifestyle action plan
  • Customised supplement review and recommendations
  • Expert interpretation of blood test results (GP or private)

Want to understand your body better and how to eat for your needs?


" I cannot thank Natalie enough! She took the time to understand me as an individual. Natalie's guidance has been invaluable. I have complete faith and trust in the nutrition and lifestyle advice I have received from Natalie - and I feel great having followed it! “

Kelly - general health support
" I didn't realise how much insight a stool test was going to give me in relation to my symptoms. I was bloated, gassy, exhausted and frequently rushing to the toilet. i got such a clear breakdown of what the test showed and how I could use the results to change my food choices and add in some supplements. And wow, what a difference! It was 100% worth the investment. Thank you.

James - bloating, fatigue, gas, diarrhoea
" Natalie is very professional and she astounds me with her nutritional knowledge! Together we decided that I should get a comprehensive blood test and her review of the results were thorough and bespoke to my needs. The adjustment to my diet and added nutritional support have increased my energy and I feel amazing! I have always thought of myself as “healthy” but personal nutritional support is the next level in my wellbeing journey. I would highly recommend this to anyone!“

Kelly B - fatigue and general health
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Wellness Check FAQS

Completing a health checkup is one of the most useful and proactive ways to manage and improve your health. Health checkups can assess for imbalances in the body that can be address before they become a disease or diagnosis. It is much easier prevent issues than cure them.

There are several tests that can assess your health. A nutritionist can help identify the ideal test for you based on your health history and any current symptoms or issues. At Integral Wellness, we also interpreat the tests, conduct a 360 review of your health and provide a food and lifestyle action plan to support health improvements.

A full holistic health check-up can include an assessment of your health history, genetic susceptibility and present issues or symptoms. Tets can also be conducted to assess how well your body is functioning and your nutrient status. This can provide you with a detailed analysis of your health and where you can make adjustments to improve or support your health for the avoidance of disease.

Preventing ill health is a lot easier than reversing ill health. Being proactive with how you check up on your health status and make improvements throughout your life will improve how you feel day to day, reduce your risk of diease and even lengthen your life.

Poor health and wellbeing can lead to disease and discomfort and reduce your quality of life and longevity. There is a great saying; a healthy person wants a thousand things, a sick person only wants one – Confucious. Preventative proactive approach to health and wellbeing can help to reduce the risk or even avoid health issues.

Unsure what's right for you?

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