Wellness Checks

Wellness checks can offer
clarity and an action plan

Keen to have a Nutritionist review your health and symptoms?
Looking for a one-off appointment without further commitment?
Interested in getting an expert opinion on your test results or carrying out private testing?

With naturopathic and functional medicine training, we take a client-centred, holistic approach. We don’t guess; we assess test and discover.

By listening to how you feel we focus on what’s going on in your body. We look for root causes that explain why your symptoms are happening. Every symptom is a message from the body telling us that there is an imbalance. Uncovering that imbalance allows us to address the issue and get you back to feeling your best.

Cue Wellness Checks.

If you’re looking for a one-off health assessment or a more relaxed approach to getting expert advice this is perfect for you.

Wellness Checks are flexible depending on your needs and can include:

  • 60-minute Wellness Check consultation
  • Personalised nutrition and a lifestyle action plan tailored to your needs
  • Customised supplement review and recommendations
  • Expert interpretation of test results reflective of your symptoms (private or GP tests)
  • Test recommendations bespoke to your needs (test is invoiced by the lab and paid separately)

Want to understand your body better and how to eat for your needs?

Interested in having a health test and an expert interpretation?

If you’ve been told that your test results are “normal”, but you feel anything but, then this is where functional testing can dig deeper.

We use the most evidence-based, comprehensive, functional tests to get answers for you.

Combined with a thorough medical history and current symptoms, tests can build a holistic picture of where you’re at and what you need to do to support your body.

Testing can also provide a benchmark to measure your future progress and be a proactive way to check that your health is on track.

After all, prevention is better than cure and you deserve to feel great!


" I cannot thank Natalie enough! She took the time to understand me as an individual. Natalie's guidance has been invaluable.

I have complete faith and trust in the nutrition and lifestyle advice I have received from Natalie - and I feel great having followed it! “

Kelly - general health support

" I didn't realise how much insight a stool test was going to give me in relation to my symptoms. I was bloated, gassy, exhausted and frequently rushing to the toilet.

Natalie gave such a clear breakdown of what the test showed and how I could use the results to change my food choices and add in some supplements. And wow, what a difference! It was 100% worth the investment. Thank you, Natalie. "

James - bloating, fatigue, gas, diarrhoea

" Before I met Natalie, I felt sluggish. Due to my symptoms, she requested blood tests and they confirmed I had high cholesterol and pre-diabetes. I won't lie, I was worried!

But with Natalie's help and encouragement, I've changed how I eat, found a love for walking and even started drinking water. In less than a year, I am no longer pre-diabetic and have lost almost a stone in weight - I feel fantastic! “

Suzette - weight loss and pre-diabetes