12 gift ideas with a touch of wellness

It may feel a little bit early and perhaps your Christmas tree isn’t up yet but before we know it we could be panic shopping. So to prevent that, we’ve brought you 12 wellness gift ideas for every budget.

Wellbeing gift ideas

At Integral Wellness, we’re big fans of small businesses and have chosen to support them where possible in our selection of ideas. 

Gifts for under £20

Mindfulness Deck (£14)

Made up of 52 meditation cards, this deck can help bring mindfulness and joy to every day. In a busy world, moments of stillness can be hard to come by and prompts, like these cards, can be the ideal tool to bring a sense of calm. Designed and created by Mål Paper.


From The Zen Hub

Kombucha Starter Kit (£19.50)

These Kombucha Starter Kits contain everything you need to start fermenting your very own kombucha drinks. Kombucha is a type of tea that has been fermented by bacteria (scoby) and sugar (which the scoby eats) creating a low-sugar drink which can benefit and support good gut health.


From Happy Kombucha

Dalia Botanique Skincare (From £10)

Transform someone’s skincare routine with the power of British wildflower botanicals in handcrafted products from Yorkshire. Small batch, low footprint, vegan-friendly skincare that’s designed for repairing and restoring skin. And get 15% off with discount code: WELLNESS15.


From Dalia Botanique

Gifts for under £50

The SaltWorks Discovery Set (£29)

100% toxin, sulfate, paraben and cruelty-free perfumes with a long-lasting fragrance. This discovery set gives a sample of 10 best-seller scents with 70 sprays to enjoy while a favourite is chosen. Saltworks’ scent lasts for over 8 hours so not only do you smell great but you do so without the toxins.


From The Saltworks Company

Zaphir Sound Chime (From £39.90)

These handmade chimes are known for their crystal clear sound, colours and quality. Handmade in France, each Zaphir chime offers a unique sound of bliss and abundance. Choose based on seasons and colour that suits the person who will benefit from its calming chime.


From Gaia Chimes

Hugs Heal Gift Set (£29)

How to deliver a hug in a box – with this gift set! Include a personal message and send a hug to a loved one in the form of a plant-wax candle, incense, ‘Lady Muck’ body lotion and a card.


From Arthouse Unlimited

Arthouse Unlimited is a charity representing artists with complex neuro-diverse and physical support needs.

Gifts for under £100

Biovedic Glow & Radiance Set (£55)

A beautiful set from Fushi – a brand focused on sourcing all-natural ingredients to create products that have benefits for people and the planet. With Ayurvedic principles, combined with fresh herbs and pressed oils this set of natural blends helps revitalise and hydrate skin.


From Fushi Wellbeing

Calm and Sleepy Self-care (£80)

Neom brings an ambience of calm into the home with this gift. SLS-free bubbles with their signature sleepy blend and the candle are the perfect end to a long day. Finish off with the pillow mist and sleepy hand cream and you’ll be in a deep restorative sleep in no time.


From Neom Organics London

Target Red Light Therapy (£95)

A unique wellness device that emits a 670nm red light – an optimal wavelength for incredible benefits including skin rejuvenation, improved mood, deeper sleep, and more energy.

Upgrade to the 2.0 light for pain relief benefits. 10% discount with code: INTEGRAL10.


From Red Light Rising

Gifts for over £100

Calm App Subscription (from £70-400)

Whether it’s breathwork, meditation, sleep stories or brown noise, the Calm app provides a whole host of audible support to bring peace to someone’s day. A year or lifetime subscription is available to this app which has been voted ‘World’s Happiest App’ due to its impact on people’s wellbeing.


From Calm

Infrared Sauna Blanket (From £266)

Have a sauna and all the benefits in your own home. An infrared sauna blanket supports detoxification, and recovery and can ease aches and pains. It’s also a great way to pause and slow down during the day and it easy to use and fold away.


From MiHigh

Wellness Check Consultation (from £200)

Our Wellness Check makes a great gift for a loved one who is ready to make some proactive changes, feel better and get some answers.

Wellness Checks provide an expert assessment of health issues, alongside food and lifestyle choices.

This one-hour consultation is focused on health goals and a proactive personalised plan to achieve them.


From Integral Wellness

If you'd like to make a Wellness Check or any of our services a gift, click the link below, email us and we'll get it sorted for you.