Get your energy back, fight colds and flu, and improve your mood with a Vitamin D Check

Want to protect yourself against illness and flu this winter?
Ready to keep your energy up and stress down?
Does your mood get low in the darker months?

Get a Vitamin D Home Test with quick results

Do you know whether you should actually be supplementing with Vitamin D this winter
- and if so, how much?

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" Why can't I just take a vitamin D supplement? "

You can’t supplement effectively if you don’t know how much you actually need and how much you need is going to depend on certain aspects of your health. When you order a Vitamin D Check you will complete a short health history so we can personalise our recommendation for you.

As much as health shops would love you to believe it, not all supplements are created equal – especially not vitamin D. It’s easy to waste your money buying a supplement that isn’t suitable for you.

The sun is our best source of Vitamin D (food just doesn’t provide enough for our needs) so in autumn and winter, we need to consider supplementing.

The NHS advises each individual to take 400IU of Vitamin D but this is rarely an accurate amount for most people – especially when 1 in 6 adults have low levels of vitamin D.

Your requirement for this vitamin D is unique to you and you may need more or less than you think.

Find out your needs and receive a personalised recommendation so you can supplement with confidence this year, instead of guessing and hoping.

You’ll have your Vitamin D levels tested and you'll be given the appropriate supplement advice in as little as 7 days.

Improve your immunity, mood and energy with Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is one of the most vital nutrients in the body and can help you to:

  • Fight illness and avoid the flu virus – including covid!
  • Sleep well and feel energised
  • Lose weight naturally
  • Regulate your mood and reduce depression
  • Balance blood pressure and reduce stress
  • Minimise your risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Reduce your heart attack risk
  • Improve your bone and muscle health
  • Balance other nutrients in the body
Don’t suffer needlessly when there is a low-cost, quick fix available!

At Integral Wellness, we have helped people who had supplemented for a few years and yet their levels were still low, and others who have supplemented every winter and their levels were too high.

Don’t guess! Get tested and find out exactly what you need, so that you can be confident that you’re getting the right dose of this vital nutrient – and an effective supplement too so you don’t waste your money.

What happens next?


Order your Vitamin D Check

Click the link to order and pay for your Vitamin D Check (keep an eye out for any discount codes). In a few days you’ll receive your Vitamin D at-home test kit in the post to complete and send back via in the Royal Mail. The kit will come with instructions and we also send a guide for drawing blood to you.


Upload your test results

Complete the Vitamin D Check health history form* and when you receive your results upload them to the system.

*When you purchase your Vitamin D Check you’ll be given access to our secure system where you’ll upload your results, complete your health form and receive your recommendations.


Receive your recommendation

Within a few days, you’ll receive your personalised recommended Vitamin D supplementation, including a comment on your results with consideration to your personal health history. You’ll also get access to buy the recommended Vitamin D supplement with a 10% discount.

Included in our Vitamin D Check

  • NHS-approved, finger-prick home test kit for you to complete and send to the lab – worth £31 (or a fight with your GP).
  • Guidance on the best way to obtain blood via a finger-prick test.
  • A short Health History form for you to complete which will be reviewed by a Registered Nutritional Therapist.
  • Safety check against your current medication, supplements and health history.
  • Personalised and appropriate Vitamin D supplement dose.
  • Recommended supplement brand, form and any cofactor nutrients required to provide adequate Vitamin D absorption for you this winter (provided in writing).
  • 10% discount on the recommended supplement.

Just £60

Get £5 off with code: VITAMIND5

Vitamin D Check FAQS

No – please don’t! We, and all medical professionals, do not advise supplementing at high doses, nor do we advise self-supplementation. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing and Vitamin D can reach toxic levels in the blood which is dangerous. Whenever you use supplements it’s important to check your blood levels and consult with a Registered Nutritional Therapist to ensure it’s appropriate for you to take them.

Once you have booked your Vitamin D Check your test kit will be sent first-class in the following day’s post. Please note we can not be held accountable for delays within the Royal Mail system.

This isn’t a problem. We can arrange for a blood draw test kit to be sent to you via a regulated supplier. You can organise a blood draw at your nearest partner clinic (details will be in the test kit). The additional cost for this is £40 (£10 extra for the kit and £30 for the phlebotomist). If you’d like a blood draw test, just email us and we can get this arranged –

Yes, absolutely. You will receive your Vitamin D dose, specific supplement recommendation, and any relevant tailored information in writing. You will also get your Vitamin D supplement recommendation sent to you in a basket with 10% off to help you supplement this winter.

Yes. Please stop all Vitamin D supplementation 7 days prior to completing the blood test to ensure accurate results. We will ask for details about supplementation on your Health History form.

Click the below button and you will be taken through to a confirmation and payment page. It’s at this stage you will confirm whether you want the at-home finger-prick test or a blood draw. Once completed, keep an eye out for your emails where you will receive an invitation to register for your profile (so you can upload your results and receive your recommendations). Your Health History form will also be hosted within your profile for data security.


“I wasn't receiving specific help from a number of GP surgeries. Natalie analysed my blood results so we could see exactly how my body was responding.
I am now living a life with a huge increase in energy and vitality.“

Sam Britton, Optimal Nutrition Client

“ Natalie's review of my blood test results were thorough and bespoke to my needs.
The adjustments recommended have increased my energy and I feel amazing!"

Kelly Bottesch, Wellness Check with Test Interpretation Client

“ A yearly blood test gives me confidence in the supplements I'm taking so I know they aren't a waste of money. Having this peace of mind means more to me than I initially realised. "

Jan - Vitamin D Check and long-term client

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Don't spent this winter hoping you have good levels of Vitamin D

When it’s this important  – for energy, mood, immunity, blood sugars, sleep, weight – hope isn’t a strategy.

Get tested, get results and get personalised supplement recommendations so you can feel confident you’re doing what you can and you’re not wasting money on supplements that don’t work.
If 1 in 6 adults in the UK is vitamin D deficient, could this be you?
Get £5 off with code: VITAMIND5