Krista Swann

Registered Nutritional Therapist mBANT rCNHC mANP

Krista’s drive to become a Nutritional Therapist came after having suffered from her own gut issues.

Experiencing first-hand the different food and lifestyle changes made to her IBS – as well as some eye-opening sights while working at Coca-Cola – she was ready to help others make positive changes too.

Krista loves working with men and women who want to address their symptoms and improve their relationship with food and quality of life.

Seeing a client transform from someone who is confused about what to eat to avoid bloating, pain or weight gain, to someone who is back in control and thriving day-to-day is a constant inspiration.

Krista helps her clients to make changes that will stick for life. Working with someone who’s dedicated and gets results from the changes they make is incredibly rewarding and drives Krista in her work every day.

“Nutrition has the power to improve health and wellbeing from day one.” – Krista

Krista’s specialist interests include weight loss, the gut-brain connection, Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, bloating, reflux, constipation, diarrhoea, acne, and skin conditions such as psoriasis. She also hosts corporate and community talks on the connection between gut health and mental health.


" After many years suffering with stomach, oesophagus and other related problems, constantly going to the doctors/hospital, enduring endoscopes and medications, finally decided to search for means of alternative help, I came across Integral Wellness. My first phone call was so kind, understanding and intuitive. The questionnaire is long but thorough and detailed. Krista. my chosen nutritionist help me through my journey, she is amazing, kind, very patient and knowledgeable, explaining everything clearly and calmly as there can be very emotional times. She was there to guide me through this process but you still have to put in the effort. I now have no on going problems, physically and mentally and have so much more energy than I've ever had. I cant recommend them highly enough. On the surface, it may appear expensive to some, the long term benefits out way the cost. Don't hesitate to make the first call, it could change your life. "
" I have been working with Krista for four months now and the changes she has helped me make have been amazing. With her advice and guidance, my psoriasis has almost vanished and I've gone from being almost pre-diabetic to dropping 7 points and being in the normal range (HbA1c). I could not have done this without her and I'm looking forward to seeing my health improve even more in the next two months. "
Jan Byne
" I began a 3 month program with Krista as stomach and digestion issues had become chronic. Within a week symptoms of persistent heartburn disappeared and have not returned, and after a few more weeks bloating had subsided almost completely. Krista is great to work with, empathetic and easy to talk to. She explored every avenue to get to what may be the root causes of my stomach issues and I feel that I now have the knowledge to make the right choices with what I can and cannot eat. I couldn’t recommend Krista highly enough. "
Jayne Smith
" Krista was an amazing help with my Nutritional Journey. The reason I decided to get a nutritionist was to help me have a better understanding of what foods helped me mainly towards my weight loss, but also helped me keep my blood sugar levels balanced. She gave me lots of helpful tips that I have implemented into my path to a better understanding of Food and Exercise. I suffer from PCOS so I felt this was a crucial step for me to take in order to better understand and help manage my PCOS symptoms. Couldn't recommend enough!! "

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