Success Story: Sarah is 1stone/6kgs lighter and no longer type 2 diabetic due to That Blood Sugar Fix

Sarah had been following Integral Wellness since knowing Natalie from a previous career. An active member of the free group That Blood Sugar Group, Sarah became curious as to whether her energy levels, sleep patterns, and loss of umph had something to do with blood sugars rather than just being down to perimenopause. She went to her GP and got results she didn’t expect…

In 2022 Sarah turned 40 and suddenly felt like her body & mind just started to struggle. She didn’t know why and couldn’t explain what she felt but she recalls becoming very irritable, exhausted, and stressed and out of the blue she wasn’t enjoying life like she used to. 


Sarah’s sleep pattern changed and she went from once being a great sleeper but suddenly being restless and dealing with a mind that would not settle. It led to late nights and a hatred for the morning to come. Exhaustion was still there every time she opened her eyes.


Sarah is a busy mum of two young boys. With a successful career in finance and a small canine massage business to run, Sarah is the epitome of a woman juggling life each day as it comes.


As these feelings flooded in, Sarah didn’t have time to stop and consider them, her life didn’t provide extra time for her needs, so she simply carried on, and in her words, she was eating anything and gorging without thinking. The weight piled on and I constantly felt sluggish


As a woman in her 40’s perimenopause was an obvious consideration for why she may be feeling this way. So she visited the doctor for a general check-up and blood test. But while she waited for the results, Sarah saw That Blood Sugar Fix was open for another group and the final time for 2023.

“Initially I thought mainly about losing weight and then I would feel better […] but once I had spoken with Natalie I realised this wasn’t a programme just designed to lose weight (that was a plus!) but to aid me to reevaluate and educate, to understand my body and what it needs, and to find my main “why” which I already knew was to find me again, the happy bubbly outgoing person I always was.”

Signing up for the programme coincided with Sarah’s blood test results which reported that her blood sugar readings classed her as type 2 diabetic. This was not what she was expecting to hear and took her totally by surprise. 


Even with a predisposition due to family genetics and since she had gestational diabetes during both of her pregnancies, Sarah, like a lot of people, did not expect to be diagnosed in her 40s!

“Lots of emotions flying around but all of a sudden it clicked that I needed to do That Blood Sugar Fix more than ever and I wanted to do it. Desire and determination set in!”

The programme is 10 weeks long and from start to finish you have support from a registered Nutritional Therapist (Natalie)  running the programme and guiding you through the gradual stages of understanding the impact what you eat, drink, sleep and do has on your body and how you can make the right changes for you.


That Blood Sugar Fix is supported with the use of a CGM monitor (continuous glucose monitor that measures your blood sugars across the day) at the beginning of the programme and the end so you get to see where changes need to be made and track how well you’re doing at the end of the 10 weeks.


Sarah’s results:

  • She lost 10 lbs in 10 weeks – and 4 more lbs after 
  • Now wakes up with zest
  • Making better choices without feeling like it’s a diet
  • Blood sugar levels have dropped to the pre-diabetic zone
“I have learnt so much about my body, and we should all understand our most important asset, and what we put into it is exactly what you will get out of it. I want to invest in myself, bring the best out of me and make sure I am fueling myself to be able to perform at my best. “That Blood Sugar Fix” has done that for me and I am ever grateful.”

Sarah is now on a mission and confident that she will be able to improve her blood sugars without the intervention of medication because she has proven how realistic and doable it is to make small changes that add up. 


Sarah’s why was to find who she was again and never look back and in 2024 Sarah is back in full living life to the full mode!

“I can thoroughly recommend that blood sugar fix to anyone who can say they aren’t feeling right, lost themselves, or have any similar symptoms as I’ve described.” – Sarah

If you want to reclaim your health then it starts with blood sugars.

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