Success Story: Lynne transformed her relationship with food and dropped 2 stone in 3 months!

It’s never too late to address your health concerns and relationship with food. Take it from Lynne, who worked with Krista and saw results she couldn’t even imagine!

Ready for change 

When Lynne and I had our first chat, I knew she was ready for change. Lynne felt she had taken her body for granted for too long and it was impacting her body confidence. She had leg pain which was affecting her walking and quality of sleep, and she knew that the weight gain wasn’t helping. 

Lynne had some clear goals in mind:

  • Lose weight for the last time
  • Improve her relationship with food
  • Support her joint health
  • Understand her nutritional status

Weight loss 

Having tried calorie counting and weight watchers in the past with short term results, Lynne was motivated to try something that was going to help improve her relationship with food and choose the right ingredients that were going to help her lose weight but also support her joint health. 

When Lynne was in the house on her own, her first thought would be ‘what goodies can I have?’ This type of thinking is common and is a clear sign that Lynne identified certain foods as good and bad which needed to change if her relationship with food was to improve. Rather than focussing on the foods Lynne shouldn’t be eating, we focussed on all of the amazing ingredients that she should be eating.

“I signed up for a 3 month programme and lost 2 stone in that time without feeling hungry or that I was deprived of anything. Without even noticing, I have broken my addiction to sugar 


Gut health

Lynne had a few gut symptoms worth investigating; moderate bloating and discomfort after meals, occasional loose stools, excessive burping and heartburn. As one of Lynne’s goals was to understand her nutritional status, what better way to start than with a stool test. 

A stool test can be useful for:

  • Looking at how well you break down food and absorb the nutrients which impact your energy, hair, skin, joints, and how well you can fight off viruses (to list just a few). 
  • Identifying the levels of good and bad bacteria within your gut which can be driving your gut symptoms such as bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, and abdominal pain. 
  • Assessing the level of gastrointestinal inflammation which can help to identify potential food intolerances as well as indicate if nutrient absorption is compromised.


Lynne’s stool test revealed:

  • High pro-inflammatory bacteria which is often linked to high meat intake, processed food, and not enough fibre. 
  • High faecal fats suggesting she wasn’t absorbing her fats, necessary for energy production, joint health and keeping cells healthy. 
  • High sulphur producing bacteria which can be a driver for bloating and gas. 

Having this information provided a clear direction of the areas we needed to focus Lynne’s efforts on. These included:

  • Finding balance in her meals, getting lots of colour and variety with her vegetables
  • Reducing meat and opting for more anti-inflammatory foods that are going to keep her full whilst supporting her joints
  • Adding in specific foods to help improve fat digestion
  • Reducing snacking and leaving 4-5 hours between each meal to support digestion and support the microbiome’s location in the gut
  • Working on intuitive eating, eating when Lynne was hungry, and stopping when she was full  
  • Including mindful eating practice to support Lynne choosing options that are going to fuel her body, keep her full and stop the cravings for those ‘naughty foods’ (as Lynne liked to call them).

Lynne and I discussed adding some exercise into her day. She tried yoga but unfortunately this left her with a bad back and leg for a while. This didn’t affect Lynne’s motivation though; she was still able to walk short distances and focussed on what she could control which was her food choices.

Within just 3 months of working together:
  • Lynne lost 2 stone! Making small, manageable changes meant that she was noticing big physical changes, but it wasn’t affecting her daily life. Lynne was still seeing friends, enjoying weekends away but she had the knowledge of what to order that would keep her full and best of all, it still tasted delicious! 
  • Achieved a complete transformation in her behaviour around food and the language she used to talk about foods. There are no more ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods in Lynne’s life, just great balance and foods that nourish more than others. 
  • Increased her nutrition knowledge and gained a better understanding of what to add to her plate to give her the nutrients she needs to support her joint health, keep her full and energised!

The next steps for Lynne…

Keep enjoying her life to the full, not take her body for granted and choose foods that she’s learnt fill her up, fuel her day and nourish her gut health.

“I have completely changed my relationship with food and now choose always to eat to support my health and well-being”

Ready to transform your relationship with food?

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