Success Story: Emma reclaims her energy and drops 13lbs with more ease than she could have imagined

Emma had been on a health kick; counting calories to lose weight and walking her son to school each morning rather than driving. But she’d hit a plateau. Weight loss had stopped and the usual methods weren’t kick-starting it again. She was feeling tired and needed snacks to keep her going – every day felt like hard work!

So when Emma saw the launch of That Blood Sugar Fix, our signature online programme, she jumped at the chance and was the first to sign up – and she’s so glad she did. Find out how Emma transformed in just 8 weeks!


” Working with Natalie has been transformational. I am now armed with the knowledge to make nutritious and healthy choices that nourish my body, control my blood sugars and keep me satiated. ” – Emma

Dieting and diagnoses make life feel hard

Emma knew that she needed to focus on her food a bit more. After receiving a diagnosis of pre-diabetes from her GP, Emma was shocked into action. It wasn’t the news she expected and it was frightening for her. She was determined to turn things around.

The calorie counter came out and the car keys got left in the draw more often as Emma began to move more and consider how many calories she was eating each day.

Weight loss began to happen and knowledge of how many calories certain foods had was helpful but soon Emma hit a wall and nothing was working.


There was an issue with the Zoe programme

The popular Zoe programme caught Emma’s eye. What if her blood sugars and gut health held the answers? (great question!)

Zoe, run by Professor Tim Spector and his team, is a research-led programme offering the chance to poop in a tube and have your microbiome tested and wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor to see how your blood sugars respond to the foods you eat. 


PREDICT – the study that participants’ data is collected for – is the largest in-depth nutrition study in the world. It’s an exciting thing to be a part of but there are a few things that didn’t suit Emma.

  • There’s no one to talk to about your personal health and circumstances.
  • There is a long waitlist to get started.
  • There is an ongoing cost to continue using the app services.


So when Emma heard about That Blood Sugar Fix she jumped at the opportunity to be involved in something that uses CGMs but with a Nutritionist to support you through the whole process and answer any personal questions. 


That Blood Sugar Fix fixed Emma

“It was exactly what I had been looking for but couldn’t find, until now” – Emma

Emma was the first to sign up for the summer 2023 cohort (all cohorts have limited availability). It gave her the blood sugar monitoring devices she wanted and a supportive community of like-minded people on the same journey. 


The best feature of That Blood Sugar Fix for Emma was that I (Natalie) was there every step of the way. I know how confusing nutrition and wellbeing can be and wearing a device without understanding what it means can be a mind-field. 


If you’re going to invest in health technology you want to make the most out of it – and that’s one of the reasons why That Blood Sugar Fix exists. I’m here to teach you what your response to food means, what changes to make and importantly, how to make them.


Emma’s results from That Blood Sugar Fix:
  1. Lost 13lbs
  2. Sleeping better
  3. Constant energy throughout the day – no more 3 pm dips!
  4. No more cravings (read that one again)
  5. Digestion feels great – that feeling of fullness and bloating vanished!
  6. Mood has improved and those mood swings are gone
  7. Resting heart rate has dropped
  8. Eczema cleared up for the first time in her life (can you imagine?)


All in just 8 weeks! And in her words

“The benefits have been endless” – Emma

Emma is no longer apprehensive about returning to the GP for more blood tests. She is certain she will no longer be prediabetic based on how different her first CMG readings were from her final ones at the end of That Blood Sugar Fix.

Plus, I think the results speak for themselves!


So how does That Blood Sugar Fix work?

This is our 10-week signature group programme, taught live, online and with a simple but effective 3-step process:


Step one: Find out how your current food and lifestyle are impacting your blood sugars by using a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) for two weeks. Natalie will guide you in putting the device on your arm, reading your blood sugar data and understanding what it means. 


Step two: Receive step-by-step guidance and training on how to improve your blood sugar control, cravings, and energy – and start putting it into action with group support and the help of Natalie, your Nutritionist.


Step three: See the difference in your blood sugars with another CGM and continue making positive changes while you track your blood sugar data.


There will be weekly live training sessions with Natalie and you’ll be part of a private Facebook group where you can ask questions throughout the week. Everything will be recorded to watch in your own time and you’ll have access to the resources.


That Blood Sugar Fix is for you if:
  • You feel tired of feeling tired (and wonder when you’ll stop feeling so tired)
  • You wake up just as exhausted as when you went to bed (ugh!)
  • You struggle with cravings throughout the day and need that pick-me-up snack or caffeine (you know the one)
  • You are not sleeping well, either can’t get to sleep or wake up during the night no matter how tired you are
  • You have brain fog and feel like you’re walking through treacle each day
  • You have other signs of blood sugar issues – PCOS, acne, hormonal issues, low mood or mood swings, stubborn weight, headaches
  • You previously had gestational diabetes
  • You are at risk of type 2 diabetes, have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes confirmed


So, are you ready for results like Emma’s?

No individual person needs to be fixed but blood sugars do and when they are, as you can see from Emma, you get your life back again.

  • No more sluggish feelings.
  • No more days that feel like an energy drag.
  • No more food cravings that control you.



  • Complete food freedom
  • Complete understanding of what nutrition, movement and sleep patterns work for you 
  • And complete satisfaction that you’ve fixed your blood sugars with the knowledge that will last a lifetime!

If you want to reclaim your relationship with food and your body then let’s fix your blood sugars and watch those results roll in.

Sign up now and secure your space on the Autumn 2023 course, starting Monday 9th October (you'll be done before Christmas, just imagine how you will feel this year compared to last!)

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