Success Story: Debbie finally fixed her gut and lost weight in the process

Debbie signed up for 1-1 nutrition support with me, Krista, after frequent visits to the GP, blood tests and an endoscopy she was diagnosed with indigestion and gastric polyps. Debbie was offered medication but had no understanding of why she was experiencing these symptoms and Debbie wanted a more natural approach. 

Find out how Debbie transformed from lost and frustrated to living life to the fullest once again with my help.


” After many years suffering with stomach, oesophagus and other related problems, constantly going to the doctors/hospital, enduring endoscopes and medications, finally decided to search for means of alternative help, I came across integral wellness. I can’t recommend them highly enough.” – Debbie

It took over 2 years for Debbie to receive a diagnosis, but once she knew what was happening she thought surely this would be the start of resolving her issues. Sadly not.


After her diagnosis, Debbie saw a dietician through the NHS where she was prescribed lansoprazole; a proton pump inhibitor designed to lower stomach acid. Debbie wasn’t happy with this outcome, she was left feeling frustrated and lost as she knew the medication was putting a plaster on her symptoms. She had a gut feeling there was another way that didn’t involve PPIs, but that wasn’t on offer within the NHS. 


Debbie’s digestive symptoms included:

  • Reflux
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach pain
  • Irritating cough which made it difficult to swallow
  • Sore throat
  • Constipation
  • Bloating


Debbie’s reflux was so bad that it even affected her sleep; before investing in an electric bed, Debbie would sometimes use 7 pillows to help her get through the night! This clearly had a knock-on effect on her sleep and the severity of her symptoms even affected her mood, confidence, and wellbeing. 


Debbie was a lover of paddleboarding and bike riding, but she had lost that zest for life as her day revolved around managing her symptoms which left her mentally exhausted. 


A private gut test revealed all

Given Debbie’s digestive symptoms, she was keen to do a stool test which revealed:

  • High secretory IgA suggested inflammation or potential food sensitivities which made sense given her gastric polyps, and sore itchy throat.
  • Fat maldigestion, meaning she was struggling to absorb her fats.
  • Dysbiosis – suggesting she had higher than recommended bacteria in her colon which can lead to symptoms of bloating, pain and constipation.
  • Low levels of small chain fatty acids (SCFA’s) which play an important role in producing beneficial bacteria in the small intestine, provide energy for cells to grow around the intestinal wall which supports a leaky gut and they are also important for the gut-brain axis, so necessary for making hormones that help with our mood and energy. 
  • Signs of increased intestinal permeability, aka leaky gut. 


A stool test is an assessment tool we use quite frequently with clients at Integral Wellness because of the insights it gives and the direction for change. 


For Debbie, the test gave us a huge amount of knowledge, which helped me provide a targeted protocol to help her with her symptoms. We also did some general blood with her GP and Debbie had low vitamin D and her blood sugar results revealed she was borderline pre-diabetic which was an important consideration in her protocol to support her energy, mood and inflammation. 


” My first phone call (with Natalie) was so kind, understanding and intuitive. Krista, my chosen nutritionist, helped me through my journey – she is amazing, kind, very patient and knowledgeable, explaining everything clearly and calmly. She was there to guide me through this process but you still have to put in the effort. ” – Debbie


Doing the work paid off for Debbie

From the moment we had our first consultation, Debbie was motivated and ready for change. She took on board all of the advice and what a transformation she went on! 


Her dietary protocol involved:

  • Going gluten-free as she knew this was a trigger for her symptoms, and her high secretary IgA levels suggested it would be a good idea.
  • Diversifying her plant and herb intake to increase fibre, which helps produce SCFA’s, is needed to reduce inflammation and help with repairing her intestinal barrier.
  • Foods to stimulate bile flow include dandelion tea, rocket, beetroot, celery, cinnamon and fennel.
  • Protein and essential fats balance blood sugars and reduce inflammation. 


As part of the plan, I also added supplements to aid in her gut repair but perhaps something that Debbie wasn’t expecting was the emotional journey she went on. 


Remembering your why

Debbie was smashing her dietary protocol but struggled with other people’s opinions on her food choices. People would comment on her ‘healthier’ meals, and she felt like she would constantly have to justify what she was eating. It was also difficult when she was out to find gluten-free alternatives. 


Using coaching techniques, we worked through the comments from other people and why they were affecting her. We also helped her focus on her own WHY. 


Why did Debbie have to change her diet? Debbie wasn’t living life in a way she enjoyed with her symptoms before the changes. She wanted to heal her gut, improve her energy and balance her blood sugars and these dietary changes were helping her. 


Debbie saw the physical benefits really quickly, which helped her to overcome other people’s opinions.

Within weeks:

  • Bloating had disappeared
  • Her constipation had gone -she was now going to the loo daily
  • Her throat pain and cough had gone which meant she no longer struggled to swallow


Debbie’s got her mojo back! 

Debbie was now bursting with energy which was clear to see throughout our follow-up appointments. She was excited to try new recipes, socialising more and was even back on the bike! Her physical changes also really helped her mentally; her newfound energy gave her the motivation to focus on herself and her own needs. Like a lot of hard-working mums, she would always put others first. 


This was Debbie’s time and she wanted to thrive. Debbie took up Pilates, meditation and journaling which really helped with her confidence and self-esteem.


Debbie saw some fantastic progress throughout her transformation programme but still felt like she needed those check-ins to guide her and make sure her new habits were sticking around. For that reason, we had monthly follow-ups for the next 4 months which really helped her embed a new way of living. 


Debbie’s digestive symptoms were a thing of the past, and by the end of the 7 months working together, Debbie had lost 2 stone! Debbie would often say how much she was eating, her focus was always on counting nutrients, not calories. 


This approach meant her attention was on supporting her blood sugars, digestive symptoms and energy and not on the scales and it’s safe to say this has enhanced her daily life! It was an absolute joy to guide Debbie on her transformation and see her no longer struggling with her symptoms but continuing to thrive! 

” I now have no ongoing problems, physically and mentally and have so much more energy than I’ve ever had. ” – Debbie

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