I lost four stone and reversed my Type 2 diabetes when I gave up my London commute

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When Jason was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at age 42, he was shocked. No one in his family has diabetes and he was a trained chef so he felt he knew a lot about good food.

Jason was put on medication and provided a bunch of diet leaflets which didn’t provide much hope or direction on what to do next. After being medically retired, Jason had the time to consider his health and importantly his work-life balance.

His wife, Sarah, met Natalie at a wellness workshop and she went home and urged Jason to work with Natalie.

“After seven months, my blood test showed I was back within the normal blood sugar range ­– I reversed my diabetes. When first diagnosed, my diabetic level was 12.5, which I managed to reduce to 7.5 with a combination of diet and medication. But now, thanks to working with Natalie, I have made that final leap – I got my level down to below 6. Since then, I fluctuate between being pre-diabetic and in remission, so while I still take medication, it’s half the amount I took before.” – Jason

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