The truth about nightshades: four online myths about potatoes, tomatoes and aubergines

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Social media is great for some things but it’s not an oracle when it comes to health advice. There’s no doubt that across Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok you can find registered nutritionists and learn health insights, recipes and food ideas. But that said, there is also a lot of misinformation about food and some very concerning recommendations for what we should eat – and what we should avoid.

Natalie spoke to The Guardian about the latest foods in the line of fire – nightshades. A family of plants that includes potatoes, aubergines, peppers, chillies, goji berries and tomatoes.

Despite what we’ve seen in the latest research around diversity and abundance of plant foods being good for us, some celebrities and influencers are promoting that we remove nightshades entirely due to the “toxins”. However, qualified nutrition professionals don’t agree.

So, what is so “toxic” about nightshades? And is there any truth that means we should be avoiding them?