60 second health boosts

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It’s easy to think that improving our health is going to take a mountain of effort and we don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to it right now. However, some health hacks are just 60 seconds and they will boost your health and benefit your life with little interruption.

Natalie spoke to Helen Foster, about how to read food labels to improve your shopping trip for Sainsbury’s in-print Magazine article which includes insight from Glucose Goddess Jessie Inchauspé and BBC’s Dr Michael Mosley.

“When we read the labels on foods and drinks we begin to better understand what we’re putting into our bodies. Aim to buy products that have sugar in single digits (so 9g or less and ideally under 5g)  per 100g. Also, do a UPF (ultra-processed food) check. UPFs contain higher amounts of sugar, salt and inflammatory fats which are linked to weight gain and certain diseases so we should be aiming to avoid them. If a number of ingredients on the label are things you couldn’t cook with at home then it’s likely to be ultra-processed.”