A deep dive into the Netflix Documentary: You Are What You Eat

2024 kicked off with a bang and a brand new documentary for you to get your teeth into – literally. Have you seen it yet? Natalie unpicks the documentary and the study data behind it to reveal the truth…

Arriving on January 1st, just in time for diet culture to take full swing and Veganuary to have a shot at the title, the latest Netflix food documentary is here.

The documentary – You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment – was created in line with a scientific research study by Stanford University in America. A very prestigious university too.

They took 22 pairs of twins (44 people in total) and across eight weeks placed one twin on a healthy vegan diet and the other on a healthy omnivore diet to see which diet promoted the best health outcomes.

So what did this research-turned-Netflix documentary tell us about how we should be eating?

Are we all to turn plant-based or omnivore in the search for health?

Well, I couldn’t wait to dive into the research, the data and the documentary and untangle truth from entertainment.

Take a look at the article I wrote for Healf uncovering the science and highlighting the sensationalism some people may have gotten carried away with.

Click here to read the article written for Healf.

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