The benefits of functional health testing

Functional Health Testing

Your niggling symptoms may be common – bloating, tiredness, weight gain, sugar cravings – but that doesn’t mean you should put up with them. After standard testing with your GP or hospital, and being told your results are “normal”, but you don’t feel great.


As a Nutritional Therapist, I take a different approach and dig deeper to understand why you feel the way you do. Besides, what is “normal” anyway?  


Looking for a root cause is the foundation of my work with clients. I want to know what’s causing your symptoms so we can get to the root issue and address it – not merely suppress it. The answers can be very personal and individual to you so it’s vital to dig deeper and often look wider. 


I use functional testing along with your health history to uncover what’s driving your symptoms and shed light on imbalances in the body that we can support and help to put right. 


There’s so much more to life than struggling with symptoms, getting no answers from your GP or trying to treat them yourself without success. 


  • Bloating after you eat and no idea why?
  • Struggling to lose weight no matter what diet you try?
  • Exhausted but apparently, all your blood work is normal?


Enough! Functional testing can be the gateway to getting to the root cause and finally feeling better!

The limitations of routine NHS testing

Regular NHS blood tests can be a starting point for pinpointing areas of concern but they often don’t give the full picture. Tight budgets and medication-driven practices means we often don’t get the full blood panels that tell us the whole story. 


Your test results may be within the normal range but they could be less than optimal. This is because the guidelines for test results use broad ranges that are based on the general population, including unhealthy people. Being within this range may help you survive but we want you to be thriving, not just surviving! 


Thyroid testing is a prime example of this. GPs will often request Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) but, less commonly, do they request both thyroid hormones T4 and, the more potent, T3 (and even if they do, the lab may not). While TSH can highlight the strength of the communication between the brain and the thyroid, it doesn’t tell us if your thyroid is listening and making adequate thyroid hormones. With only TSH, we can be left assuming the conversation between brain and thyroid is working “fine” (another word we deserve to feel better than).

For my clients, I want to know the full picture. Yes, I want TSH but I want thyroid hormones, free T4 and free T3 and thyroid antibodies too so I can see the full communication pattern from start to end. Prevention is better than cure after all! 


Introducing wellness checks 

This is an opportunity to have my interpretation of your test results and a protocol to support you based on the results and your medical history.


Don’t have any test results but are keen to have a health check-up? We can support you in getting the most appropriate test, based on your symptoms, and will talk you through the results and next steps.


Wellness checks are a great way to get my support with your health in just a couple of consultations. Book a complimentary call today to get the ball rolling.

What is functional health testing? 

In a nutshell, functional tests help to illustrate how the body is functioning. Using stool, saliva, urine, blood and swab tests, we can look at various health markers to assess why you’re experiencing your symptoms and feel the way you do. 


Functional tests help practitioners, like myself, to see a holistic picture of your health and, crucially, how well systems and pathways are operating.


Different functional tests can uncover:
  • Digestive breakdown capability, absorption of nutrients, microbiome balance and intestinal inflammation
  • The presence of parasites, yeast, bacterial or fungal infections
  • Vitamin and mineral nutrition assessments
  • Metabolic health status, including diabetes and heart disease risk
  • Neurotransmitter pathways and energy metabolism
  • Allergies and antibodies such as thyroid antibodies and coeliac disease
  • Hormone levels and pathways including sex and stress hormones
  • The microbiome of the vagina or mouth to assess recurring symptom triggers
  • Detoxification status and liver pathways
  • Genetic predispositions and SNPs
  • Environmental toxicity such as mould and heavy metal overload 

And so many more! Functional health testing is so detailed and comprehensive it provides the personalised approach to health you deserve.


Why we test and don’t guess 

Symptoms are a sign of imbalance and can tell us a lot but the answer isn’t always clear cut. Often, we don’t know the true picture and root cause until we do more testing. 

Functional testing gives us that clarity. Combined with symptoms and medical history, it can give a clear understanding of what’s happening in the body. Then we can create a bespoke nutrition and supplement protocol that enables you to achieve your health goals. 


Testing can keep you healthy

Feel good in general but want to remain proactive with your health? 

Or does a disease trend in your family history, such as diabetes, and you want to keep on top of your risk? 


Had IBS in the past and although you feel ok, most of. the time, so you want to know your gut is healed properly?


Functional testing is perfect for just that and it’s why we routinely use it to test my own health markers.  Conventional GP testing may not flag an issue until the specific marker – e.g. your diabetes risk or thyroid hormone production – moves out of the “normal” range and to a point where they can diagnose a condition and give you medication. This is not an approach I agree with.


If you don’t have health problems right now, we want to keep it that way! Take a proactive approach to your health and stay on top of symptoms and your health status.

Let’s find out what’s really going on for your health!

Wellness Checks are the perfect middle ground to get expert advice on your health, along with the test results and detailed interpretation you deserve. If you’re looking for a single or handful of appointments (instead of a 3 or 6-month programme) then this is for you.


This is ideal if you’re: 

  • Proactive with your health and want to run some tests
  • Fed up with not getting answers about your symptoms from your GP
  • Want to have a more comprehensive screening to assess health concerns you have


If, after the initial wellness check consultation, we identify anything that requires further support there is flexibility to move to a 1-1 programme or add extra consultations.

First things first – schedule a complimentary call and we can discuss your symptoms and the tests most appropriate for you. 

Book your free call today, and together, we can get your thriving again!