“The part can never be well unless the whole is well” – Plato

Can you afford not to invest in corporate wellness?

If your company doesn’t have a commitment to employee wellness, you’re missing out on profits, performance and talent.

If your employees are happy, healthy and able to perform at their very best, they can be one of your company’s biggest assets.  

Companies with highly engaged employees can see revenue increase by up to two and a half times and more customer loyalty.

Studies have found that companies with high employee engagement scores can enjoy twice as much customer loyalty (repeat purchases, recommendations to friends) than companies with average employee engagement levels[1].

But too often, employees are just about surviving and their wellbeing is far from thriving.

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The impact of poor health at work is staggering:
  • Every year, 619,000 employees experience a new illness or disease that they believe to be caused by or exaggerated by their job[2]. 
  • Ill health costs UK businesses a whopping £11.2 billion every year (and much of this illness could be avoided with wellness interventions)[2].
  • Over 12% of absence days are linked to mental health[3]. By supporting employees with their emotional wellbeing, UK businesses could save an enormous £8 billion per year in sick days. 
  • £340 billion is lost every year due to a combination of disengaged employees, sick days, and a decline in productivity, innovation and creativity[4].

But even if staff aren’t taking time off due to health problems, a commitment to corporate wellness can make them more productive and engaged.

3 out of every 5 UK employees are disengaged in the workplace[5].

Only 1 in 4 employees believes that their employer is supporting their wellbeing[6].

Only 37% of staff say their company has helped them live a healthier lifestyle[7].
62% of UK employees believe that their employer doesn’t support their mental wellbeing[8].

2 in 5 UK employees want their employer to provide more support for their health and wellbeing[9].

Unhappy employees are more likely to move on.

A lack of investment in corporate wellness programs is one of the main reasons why employees look to move job[10].

In a recent survey, 77% of respondents would leave a company that doesn’t focus on corporate wellbeing. Costing a business £11,000 per employee turnover, on average.

With 41% of businesses reporting difficulties filling vacancies, failing to prioritise workplace and employee wellbeing can mean that you struggle to replace employees who leave. 

And where are they likely to go if they leave you? A competitor that will prioritise wellness at work of course! 

Having a workplace culture that prioritises corporate wellness encourages stronger retention of talent and greater loyalty from your team members. 

Top talent expects your company to invest in corporate wellness too.

If you want to recruit top talent in your company, you can’t ignore corporate wellness either. It’s one of the factors they’ll take into account when choosing a new employer. 

For many employees, it’s just as important as salary (often more so post-pandemic and given that health is wealth).

83% of employees rate wellness at work on a par with salary[11].
34% of employees rank care for staff as their top priority when choosing a company[12].
In a recent survey, 73% of respondents would only consider joining a company that prioritises employee wellbeing[13].

If your company isn’t one of them, you risk losing top talent in your business.

45 per cent of employees don’t think their employer demonstrates they care about their wellbeing- higher in larger businesses compared to small and medium-sized businesses[14].

And then there is the long-term sick who would love to get back into the workplace and could be a valuable part of your team. Because they have already experienced health challenges, they’re looking for an employer who will support their wellbeing. The number of people with long-term sickness was already rising pre-pandemic and conditions such as long Covid have only added to this.

The impact of neglecting corporate well-being is clear, and more now than ever before employers are needing to prioritise how they support their teams to not only manage physical and mental health issues but prevent them through corporate wellness programs.

With the national rise of poor metabolic health, have you ever considered how this could be affecting employee performance and presenteeism?

There is a chance some of your employees are among the 13.6 million Brits at risk of developing type 2 diabetes[16], but even if they aren’t, it doesn’t remove the need to consider metabolic health and blood sugar balance. This has more impact on their performance at work than you might realise.


Blood sugar fluctuations can result in chronic brain fog and fatigue. Both of these can damage corporate productivity and they’re also very early warning signs that metabolic health is affecting your team’s wellbeing.


Other early signs of poor metabolic health include:

  • Low energy
  • Poor vision
  • Chronic pain
  • Low mood
  • Stubborn weight gain
  • Frequent illness and infections
  • Slower recovery

From a performance perspective, poor metabolic health has been linked to reduced cognitive performance, poor focus and memory, and decreased productivity.

Presenteeism - where employees are physically present but highly unproductive - is a significant economic factor, costing the UK economy £15.1bn annually[17].

Over time, frequent blood sugar spikes can lead to serious health problems, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

But it’s not just about blood sugar. When high blood sugar is also accompanied by high blood pressure and high cholesterol – often as a result of stress – it can result in a cascade of metabolic and cardiovascular issues.

For too many employees, how they spend their time at work is only storing up more of these types of problems.

Over 34% of employees don’t have time to move from their desks during their working day.

More than half of employees are spending 8+ hours per day sitting down while at work (and often spend more time sedentary at home).
Physical inactivity is the 4th leading risk factor for global mortality and 3.2 million deaths every year are related to it[18].

If you’re not supporting your employees to be more active during the working day, it’s time to change that. We all need to sit less and move more to stay productive and present while at work but also for long-term health benefits.


The modern-day sedentary lifestyle is linked to many chronic conditions including cardiovascular events, risks for metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, musculoskeletal issues such as knee pain and osteoporosis, and even higher risk of cancer.

Exercise can also boost productivity in the workplace:
In a recent study, workday exercise resulted in a 72% improvement in time management[20].
In another study, workday exercise increased focus by 21% and motivation by 41%[21].

Nutrition is essential for improving metabolic health too, with poor food and drink choices being a significant factor in the development. 

And the opposite is true too. The right nutrition for your body can keep blood sugar balanced and support the gut, especially in combination with regular exercise, healthy sleep patterns, and managing stress levels

There’s a lot to think about but we’re here to make it feel manageable for your employees, and simple for you, through our effective corporate wellness programs. Through implementing employee wellness programs, you will help keep health problems at bay and employees back to work.

We’ll help you empower your employees to take control of their health.

By making simple changes to their nutrition and lifestyle, employees can take control of their health and boost their productivity. 

With the knowledge and tools to improve their own well-being through our wellness programs, your team can use nutrition and lifestyle to perform at their and reduce their potential for serious illness. That’s a win for their health and your business!

“ I was looking for guidance and information how to handle my health problems through changing my habits and Natalie came in the right moment!

So positive and supportive, I recommend to book an appointment with her and get the help you need.“

Ani Harizanova, Employee at Paysafe Group

Create a culture of wellness

Work with us to empower employees with high performance and health with your corporate wellness strategy. 

We’ll craft the right initiative for your business or we’ll create it.

  • Corporate Wellness Workshops – engaging deep dives with actionable takeaways on popular health topics
  • 1-1 Wellness Checks – dedicated private consultations to discuss individual staff needs and recommendations
  • Team Building Collaborations – bring health into strategy days through creative group activities that give you insight into employee challenges and needs
  • Wellbeing Partnerships – when you don’t know where to start or who will own the wellness projects; let’s partner up

“ Natalie delivered an uplifting presentation and Q&A to our entire company. The team loved the informative content and were highly engaged. They also enjoyed taking the time to reflect, pause and unwind in their busy workday.

There were lots of actionable insights to help people manage work/life balance as well as their energy and stress levels. Having Natalie as a guest speaker is an example of how we put the team’s health and well-being at the heart of our people strategy. "

Louise Tullin, CMO and Interim CPO at Enthuse

At Integral Wellness, we specialise in metabolic health.

Clinic Director, Natalie, spent a decade in a highly pressurised corporate environment in the world of FinTech. She saw the health impact of high stress, lack of daily movement, poor food and drink choices, lack of sleep and an overreliance on artificial energy boosts from caffeine and sugar; on a daily basis.

Natalie believes that health is true wealth and if we don’t take the time to look after our health now, we will be forced to in the future.  

As a clinic, we’re passionate about helping people thrive, rather than merely survive by transforming their health through nutrition and lifestyle choices. When employees have the tools to take control of their wellbeing, they can prevent metabolic issues, reverse existing issues and thrive in life and at work. 

We can deliver high-performance health support in a multitude of ways to meet the needs of your employees.

With our life-changing expertise delivered in an engaging and in-demand way, your employees can start to live the happy, healthy life they deserve and your company can reap the benefits.

“ Wellbeing at Bright is important and has become even more of a focus during the pandemic. Natalie delivers excellent wellbeing talks. Delivered in a podcast format, they are perfect for the team to listen liv and join in with the QA but get away from their desk, go for a walk, eat lunch, do whatever they wanted – while listening.

Natalie has helped us think about how we set ourselves up for a good day at work. Based on a positive daily routine including many aspects we hadn’t previously considered; as well as how to eat throughout the day so we’re properly fed and well fuelled.

It was a great session; everyone has adopted positive habits from it, and I look forward to Natalie’s next team talk. ”

Zoe Merchant, MD at Bright Innovation

Investing in corporate wellness is an investment in your company’s future success.

If your business isn’t supporting your employees (current and future) to live well and stay well, our employee wellness programs will help you to change that. 

Corporate wellness isn’t something that’s ‘nice to have’ or a box-ticking exercise. It needs to be a priority so that employees feel good, be more energised and productive, and take fewer mental and physical days. 

Not sure where to start with staff wellbeing support? We get that it’s a daunting prospect to know how to invest in the right support for your team. Book a call today for an open discussion about what will work – and how to avoid what won’t.

By working with us in partnership, you will provide your team with wellness initiatives that make improving their health fun and achievable.

Discuss corporate wellness options to start transforming the health of your employees and your business!

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Nutrition Programmes FAQS

Poor health has shown to cost UK employers up to £45bn annually, with an expected £6bn increase every year (Deloitte survey). Corporate Wellness initiatives have shown an increase in productivity, retention and employee satisfaction.

Nutrition and lifestyle advice can help employees better manage their stress and overall health leading to less absenteeism, presenteeism and lack of productivity.

89% of workers at companies that support wellbeing initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work. Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.

With absence costs costing UK employers over £6.8bn a year and turnover costs, often as a result of poor work environment, costing over £8.6bn annually, workplace wellness is becoming a necessity. Following the 2020 global pandemic people are more health conscious and a work-life balance was found to be their top priority when choosing an employer (Deloitte survey). Read more about it here.

An employee wellness program should include considerations for the working environment – including lighting, erganomics, communication – nutrition and movement advice, stress management and mental health support, community networking (e.g. parents, LGBTQ+) as well as working boundaries to support a good work life balance. Working with a consultant can improve businesses ability to adopt initiatives and create a program.

There are many ways to create a wellness culture within a company. Consider working with a consultant who can help to bring in their skills and guidance on creating a culture that is right for your business and your employees needs.

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