Krista and Sally join the clinic team!

Exciting things are happening here at Integral Wellness! Over the past few weeks we’ve welcomed some new members to the clinic team. Find out a little bit more about them…

Krista Swann – Nutritional Therapist

“What I love about being a nutritional therapist is working 1:1 with individuals who want to improve their symptoms, relationship with food and quality of life!”

My drive to become a Nutritional Therapist came after suffering from my own gut issues. Experiencing first-hand the difference food and lifestyle changes made to my IBS, as well as some eye-opening sights while working at Coca-Cola, I was ready to help others make positive changes too.

I get to go on a journey with people and see them transform from someone who is struggling, confused about what to eat and how to manage their symptoms, to having more energy, improved symptoms and thriving! Being able to offer the knowledge and tools to help someone is hugely rewarding.

I strongly believe in the power nutrition and lifestyle changes can have on our health and wellbeing. It’s about making changes for life, which can often be scary and difficult and although I provide the knowledge and support, it’s ultimately down to you to make those changes. When I see someone who’s dedicated, I find this incredibly inspiring which drives me to help others. 

Sally Olivia – Clinic Assistant

From being teased at school for having carrot sticks in my lunchbox, to falling in love with cooking, food has always been my passion. Following an early career in marketing, where my health reached an all time low, I decided to pursue my dream of helping others and enter the wonderful world of wellness. I followed my heart to sunny Brighton, where I am currently training to become a Nutritional Therapist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM).

“Through personal experience and years in a corporate environment, I’ve learnt that every problem has a solution; an ethos that we can apply to all areas of life.”

It’s a dream to be a part of such a compassionate, like-minded team. When it comes to health, I believe that balance and a holistic approach is key.
My ultimate goal is to support and guide others to find unique solutions that allow them to live their healthiest, happiest lives.

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