Analysing the Anti-Spike supplement from the Glucose Goddess

What a start to 2024 we’ve had with new foods requiring a daily investment, more weight loss injections than the NHS can get hold of and a supplement that means you can eat pizza without worrying about… well what naturally happens when you eat pizza? Natalie dives in to unpick, analyse and explain (again)… 

As if the ‘new year’s new me’ wasn’t enough to contend with, 2024 has continually delivered a new health hack and the Anti-Spike formula from the Glucose Goddess is the latest wellness trend.


Health hacks have a theme – to deliver health quickly, easily and as detached from effort as possible. One thing you will also be detaching from is your money because this supplement is expensive. That said some items are worth the investment so is this one of them?


From the name to the ingredients and even the marketing message, I have taken a look at the launch of this supplement and what it may bring to those looking for blood sugar support. After all, I am a Nutritionist specialising in blood sugars and I am not averse to the use of evidence-based supplements that are appropriate for an individual. 


So will the Glucose Goddess Anti-Spike be one we start to recommend in the clinic? Should you grab a pot while it’s on a pre-order discount? Or should you take a different stance and consider an alternative approach to this capsuled health hack?


Read my full article in Healf for the full analysis and review of the Anti-Spike supplement.

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